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12 Bottle Bar
12 Bottle Bar

I had registered the domain a while back, but I finally took the fifteen minutes to forward it to the Wordpress account.  So, we are now officially — something a little easier to remember.

Also, I’ve signed up with Amazon Associates and will be linking to them for anything relevant that you might be able to buy there.  For the most part, this will be books and equipment.  Everywhere I turn, Amazon has gotten the better of me.  With the Red Laser iPhone app, I’m constantly scanning the barcodes of everything I might buy in brick-and-mortor stores, and more-times-than-not, picking them up on Amazon for much less.  I also bit the bullet and bought into the Prime account, which for an annual fee, gives me free 2nd-day shipping on everything Amazon fulfills.  Yes, I drank the Kool-Aid, but you should feel no obligation to do the same.  The links are provided for convenience, and some of the books to which we’ll be referring in the coming posts are only available through them, as far as I know.   If we’re referring business to them, why not make a couple of cents off of it, right?  That’s the American way.

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