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Now, We Are Two

Drinking Time in New Orleans

Drinking Time in New Orleans

It’s no fun to drink alone. Sometimes, of course, a drink demands itself when company isn’t an option. But, for the vast majority of tippling to be done, a valued brother-in-arms  — one who not only buys the occasional round but who also reminds you of who you are in those moments where your facilities escape you — is an invaluable asset.

Lawrence Henry Theriot II — Lars to his friends — is such a compatriot. With just enough tinge of Energizer Bunny, Lars is ready for pretty much anything, anytime. So, when it came time to expand the 12 Bottle role call and reach, Lars was the natural first choice. A shameless promoter of the fair city of New Orleans, Lars will be our Virgil in The Big Easy, unveiling for us the back alleyways and history of the unquestionable Kingdom of the Cocktail.

So, sit back, relax, and raise your glasses. The next round is on Lars.