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Painkiller #3


3 oz amber rum
4 oz Pineapple Juice
1 oz Coconut Milk Syrup
1 oz Orange Juice

Shake everything with large ice and strain into rocks glass full of large ice.
Grate fresh Nutmeg generously over the top.
Garnish with fruit as desired.

* * *

This post has been updated to include homemade Coconut Milk Syrup instead of Cream of Coconut.

In the interest of full disclosure, I have to admit that I’m not a big fan of fruity, tropical drinks. They’re typically very time consuming to make. They disguise too much alcohol with too much cloyingly sweet juice. And, if the balance is off, they unhinge way too easily. There are, of course, exceptions. Although I can’t stomach a Pat O’Brien’s Mix Hurricane, I’ve been lapping up homemade ones this past week. At least, I was before I met the Painkiller.

On the plus side, the PNKY  has a few things going for it: it’s tasty — always a good thing — and it’s easy to throw together at a moments notice. On the downside, and this is a big downside, it calls for Cream of Coconut, a chemical hodgepodge if ever there was one. If you’ve read my Hurricane or Gimlet posts, you surely know how I feel about packaged ingredients in drinks. I initially gave Cream of Coconut a pass, but I’m now rescinding that verdict because homemade Coconut Milk Syrup is so easy and even less expensive than the fake stuff.

As stated above, the whole process of whipping up a dozen different ingredients to produce an indistinct tasting slurpee tends to exhaust me. Should I or a guest desire a bit of tropic thunder, well, there’s the Painkiller. It’s quick, it’s easy, and the ingredients aren’t difficult to keep on hand. Buy the pineapple juice in the little cans, oranges and nutmegs should be staples, and the Coconut Milk Syrup is easy to make up in advance an keep on hand in the fridge.

The Painkiller is the official drink of Pusser’s — so, it’s good to know on that measure alone. If you’re visiting one of the brand’s many restaurants, you can order yours in a variety of strengths: a #2 with two ounces of rum, a #3 with three ounces, and a #4 with four ounces. After some experimenting, I found that the #3 is just right.

There you have it, the Painkiller #3 — an easy-to-throw-together panacea that is well-balanced and wears its mass-market ingredients well. The exception to the rule.


Coconut Milk Syrup

1 part canned Coconut Milk (such as Thai Kitchen brand)
2 parts Baker’s Sugar

Heat coconut milk over a low flame.  Stir in sugar in two or more batches until completely dissolved.  Strain mixture through a fine mesh strainer.  Let cool.  Store in refrigerator.


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