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Now, We Are Three

The 12 Bottle Bar family is expanding, and this time, we’ve been so bold as to go out and get ourselves a proper journalist.  Well, we didn’t really “go out”, I just rolled over in bed and cashed in some spousal clout (oddly enough, Spousal Klout was also one of my favorite German 80’s bands).  Yup, Mrs. 12 Bottles is the newest member of the team.

Lesley is a frequent contributor to Wine Enthusiast, and has written for Gourmet, C Magazine, Santa Barbara, and the International Sommelier Guild.  Lesley just finished Gin:  A Global History for Reaktion Books, which should come out in 2011.  Around these parts, she’ll be bringing us a couple of exciting new features that we’ll be kicking off very shortly.

Welcome to the bar, Lesley.