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Oh, The Places to Go

As you may have noticed, I’m continuing to spruce things up around here. One of the newest changes I’ve made is to update our Links section, which is on the left side and called “Departures”. Rather than linking to every other cocktail blog on the planet, I’ll only be adding sites that we thoroughly support for one reason or another. Here’s a who and why of what’s there so far.

Drink Spirits – Geoff and Heather Kleinman are blogger par excellence and Drinks Spirits  is a great place to discover the world beyond the 12 Bottles. At the time of this post, Drink Spirits is featuring an interview with Dan Aykroyd about his Crystal Head Vodka. The skull packaging is so cool that Aykroyd almost laments its success. In fact, it was recently featured in New York Magazine as a Neo Victorian objet d’art (without a mention as to what it actually was). I think his worries might be justified.

Be sure to check out their reviews of Gin, Irish Whiskey, and Tonic Water — all important 12 Bottle subjects.

FUSSYlittleBLOG – Fussy specifically covers the food and drink scene in Albany, NY, but his sense of urgency and passion for the subject matter have no geographic boundaries. Recent posts on Applejack and Cider Donuts have left me wondering why I’m continuing to choose the 100+ degree desert and asphalt landscape of Southern California.

Cocktail Db – Founded by Ted Haigh (aka Dr. Cocktail, about whom you’ll shortly be hearing a great deal more), the Internet Cocktail Database is the place to go if you’re searching for a drink recipe. Period.

Thomas Roche – Thomas is one of my oldest friends, and that alone is reason enough for me to support him. He also happens to be a damn fine purveyor of mental stimulation. Whether he approves of the moniker or not, I like to think of Thomas as the Art Bell of the Internet, and his site really gets my brain going after a drink or two.

Note that not everything he posts is safe for work or the grandchildren.

Hope you enjoy.