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Further Departures

Over the past month, we’ve added several new sites to our links list (called “Departures” — it’s down in the lower left), and as is our way, we feel obligated to stop for a moment and let you know why these particular sites appeal to us — and are worthy of your time as well.

In a class by himself is Sam Greenspan, sole proprietor/raconteur/wit behind 11 Points.  Sam was kind enough to feature us last month (11 Classy, Classic Drinks), which is a certain way to garner our friendship, but as it turns out, his site is dang funny to boot — not always safe for work, but always a worthy way to take a break from the day.  Be sure to check out his Most Popular Lists.

As we venture deeper into the cocktail blogging weald, we’ve stumbled upon a number of kind souls who, despite their stature within the community (or maybe because of it), have helped show us the light at the end of the forest.

Evo-lution.  Run by leading Scotland-based barman Adam Elmegirab, Evo-lution is the consulting side of Adam’s growing cocktail empire.  Adam also happens to be an authority on all things Bitters, with his own varieties available globally.  Moreover, Adam’s a regular around the cocktail forums, where I first bumped into him and where he is infinitely patient and helpful.  While his Bitters aren’t officially on the 12 Bottle Bar list, I do encourage everyone to pick up a bottle (or two).

Underhill-Lounge is where you’ll find Erik Ellestad, if he’s not behind the stick at The Alembic in San Francisco. Among other things, Erik is an expert on the Savoy Cocktail Book, but as with Adam above, it’s Erik’s helpfulness and encouragement within the various cocktail forums that I find most refreshing.  Next time I’m in The City, Alembic is certainly my first stop, but as much as I look forward to having Erik make me a drink, I’d much rather share one with him.

Doug Winship runs a murder mystery company called Killing Time.  Being a Holmes-Thorndyke-House buff, I was hooked immediately.  Also, on his “About” page, he describes his wife as “delectable” — good man.  And, when it comes to cocktails, his Pegu Blog is quite singular in its focus.  Pegus, that’s it — actually, not so fast.  Doug covers pretty much everything from cocktails, of course, to issues of social concern.  And Pegus.  I look forward to being able to offer Doug a cocktail one day because I won’t even need to ask what he’s drinking.

A little while back I joined Foodbuzz, a foodie social network.  One of my first friends was Jacob, of Jacob’s Kitchen.  Why do I like Jacob’s blog so much?  Go and take a look; you’ll see.  Not only do his recipes sound delicious, the quality of his photography is the brass ring after which I’m chasing.  Jacob is currently competing in Project Food Blog — be sure to vote for him.

Visiting LostPastRemembered is, for me, like settling next to the fireplace in a small English country tavern and cozying up to a Shepard’s Pie on a gloomy November day.  The site treats food much as 12BB likes to treat cocktails, dusting off the Victorian and the forgotten and presenting them with modern relevancy.  If you’re a cultural history or food nerd, LostPastRemembered is a delicious respite from the modern.

Last, but not least, is one of reasons I’m thankful that the Internet and blogging exist.  If they didn’t, I surely would never be able to travel to the Island of Dr. Gateau.  The creation of Jessica, a PhD student studying cognitive neuroscience in Brisbane, Australia, Dr. Gateau features a wild mash-up of food science, home cooking, and lessons in cognitive perception.  A recent post featured the concept of Synaesthesia, which is when people experience particular tastes in response to hearing, reading or thinking about certain words.  Of course, there’s a tasty recipe to go along with the post.  I think I’ll crack open my copy of John Berger’s “Ways of Seeing” and dig into a delicious Pimm’s Cup-cake.  Keep up with the mad science, Dr. Gateau!

Please visit our friends – we hope you enjoy them all.