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12 Bottle Bar Wins POM Wonderful Dinner Party!

Yup, we did it — your own 12 Bottle Bar was one of three grand prize winners (out of 100 Contestants nationwide) in the POM Wonderful Dinner Party Contest.  Many thanks to POM for throwing a great event, all of our guests, Grandma for babysitting all evening, and the lad for being a very good boy.

What do we win?  A 3-day/2-night trip to any city where one of the POM Chef Series restaurants is located, dinner at the restaurant, and some booze money.  All in all, well worth the effort, especially as it was loads of fun.

Big congratulations to and for being the other two grand prize winners — they did some amazing stuff.  Also to the seven other winners, who can be viewed on the POM web site.