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And The Winner Is…

Number 23.  Yup, good old reliable Number 23.  I had him pegged from the start — you could see it in his eye that he wanted it just a little bit more.  Not to mention all the training he put in.  Epic.

What am I blathering on about?  I shall tell you.  Just moments ago, we picked the winner of our Villeroy & Boch Gourmet Whisky Glasses Giveaway.  Lesley and I had discussed multiple silly ways to do it — unfortunately, as you can tell from this belated announcement, the day got the better of us.  In the mad scramble to keep my promise of actually having a winner today — and in making sure that everyone had an equal shot, no matter when they entered — I opted for using a random number generator.

The post received 82 comments, so I put in a range of 1-82, acknowledged that I would recuse myself should one of my own comments be the chosen number, clicked the “Generate!” button, and there it was:  23.  Scrolling down the post, counting each comment (even my own, since they had been factored into the original set), I found that our winner is:

Donald, who has selected the beautiful Canadian Whisky tumblers.  Congratulations, Donald!

Now, I have to say that I’m very pleased to see that Donald won, as he is truly one of our most faithful readers and one who is constantly trying the drinks we present here.  Way to go, Donald — I know you’ll put the glasses to great use.  Now, he’s a little lagniappe just for you:

This was our first giveaway, and I really enjoyed it.   I hope you did too.  We look forward to having another one (hint, hint, product people) again soon.

Thank you to everyone who entered!