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12BB to Host Mixology Monday (August 15th)

The event roundup cane be found here.  Thanks to everyone who participated.

Since we’ve finally gotten our act together and have been participating in Mixology Monday these past few months, we felt it only proper that we actually invite everyone over to our place for a round.  That said, come one, come all to next month’s Mixology Monday, hosted here at 12BB, on August 15th.  As is the case for each event, the hosting site gets to choose the theme, and we’ve picked the ever-so-vague-yet-commanding “Come to Your Senses!”

We all know that cocktails are supposed to taste good, and for this event, we’re going to take that as a given.  What we’re looking for, instead, are drinks that truly excite one or more of the other senses: touch, smell, sight, or even hearing.  Of course, it you want to get scientific about it – and why wouldn’t you – there are even more sensations which can be played with (echolocation, anyone?) .

As the great molecular gastronomy temple El Bulli closes its doors this month, we thought it would be a fitting time to explore drinks beyond just “shake and strain”.   For inspiration, we suggest the grand garnishes of Kaiser Penguin, the flaming fantasia of the Pegu Blog’s Halikai Hot Tub, the sonic symphony of Aviary’s Old Fashioned in the Rocks, the vivacious visuals of Scott Beattie, ingenious ice, semi-solid shots, jiggling jellies, or even – if you’re willing to go there – Pop Rock rims.  The goal, we hope, is for everyone to embrace the fun, the challenge, and the potential absurdity of the event.  It’s time to think outside the glass.

Here are the details:

  • The event is open to EVERYONE.  Pros, amateurs, bloggers, bartenders, foodies, convicts, politicians – or any combination thereof.
  • Submit your post or email by midnight (Pacific Time) on Sunday, August 14th.  To submit, comment on this post, leaving a link to your own blog post.  If you don’t have a blog – no worries.  Just email us ( with all the items listed below.
  • Your submission should include a recipe, a photo, and a write-up on the drink.  The drink doesn’t have to be an original recipe, but if you borrow, just be sure to credit your source.
  • In your post, include the MxMo logo and a link back to both the Mixology Monday and 12 Bottle Bar sites.
  • Have fun, and make something delicious and exciting!

We look forward to all your submissions.