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Moving On Up

You may have noticed that things have been quiet around here lately.  Well, while everything may have been thinking that we were away on an extended August vacation, we’ve actually been moving and rebuilding our beloved 12BB.  Not only have we migrated from hosting with to a self-hosted account, we’ve taken advantage of many of the perks of leaving the nest.

Aside from a new look, we also have a number of new features of which we’re very proud:

  • Featured Content – One of the problems with blogs is their rigid linear nature.  Blog posts tend to be like pancakes added atop a stack — everybody starts at the top and seldom works their way down to the bottom.  By incorporating two new featured content areas, we can run themes — such as “Classic Summer Coolers” — separate from the linear posts.  Not only does this allow us to make better use of previous posts, it makes the site more timely and visually exciting.
  • From Our Friends – Blogrolls are great, and we’re very proud to know the people on ours.  But, blogrolls are static and, well, pretty boring.  So, we cranked things up a notch and now include the latest headlines from many of our web friends.  They have wonderful content, and we think that this is a great way to showcase it.
  • New Drinks and Bottles Pages – The drinks page now features just the drinks for each primary spirit — reducing the long list.  We’ve also added pictures.   On the bottles page, when you click through to a specific bottle, you’ll see a sidebar of drinks that feature that particular spirit.
  • You Might Also Like – Along with every post, we now present similar drinks.  We tired every plugin under the sun for this one and found one which we think really shines.
  • Facebook and Twitter — Our comments will now synchronize with these services (or so the plugin says).


The “12 Rounds,” “Library,” and other pages will all be up very soon, and we have a few more new treats in store.  We hope that you not only like the new site but that you find it much easier to use and more resourceful.

Thanks for reading!