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Happy Halloween (Final Round-up and Thank-you)!

We’ve reached the end of our “Blood, Booze & Beyond” festival, and we all hope that you’ve enjoyed it – that perhaps you’ve found a new drink to try, a film to watch, or that our absolute love of the horror genre and the people behind the movies has rubbed off.  Not only were we able to provide a drink for each of our main spirits (quite a few for gin), we’ve also covered many of the hallmark periods for scary movies.  For easy reference, here’s everything by category:


Hopefully, there’s something here for everyone.  Classic, new, serious, silly, hot, cold, tall, short, stiff, virgin — whatever your pleasure.

AbsintheDeath in the Afternoon
BrandyCorpse Reviver Shot
GinBleeding Heart Martini, Bloodbath, Captain Spaulding’s Gumball Martini, Cat’s Eye, Devil’s Own
GeneverSerpent’s Egg
Irish WhiskeyDevil’s Skin
RumToxicolada, Voodoo Cocktail
Rye WhiskeyBone, Ward Eight
Non-alcoholicChocolat Espectral



Of course, if you’re looking for a particular kind of horror flick, here are all of the suggestions broken down by period.  We’ve also indicated which of our guests has selected each film:

1930s Pre-Code ExploitationManiac (Michael J. Nelson)
1940s Classic UniversalThe Mad Ghoul (Herschell Gordon Lewis)
1950s Hammer/HollywoodHorror of Dracula (Gary Gerani), House of Wax (Sid Haig)
1970s BritishBlood on Satan’s Claw (Joe Dante), Theater of Blood (Stuart Gordon)
1970s IndieTexas Chain Saw Massacre (Joe Bob Briggs), The Velvet Vampire (Lloyd Kaufman)
1970s HollywoodThe Omen (Steve Miner)
1980s HollywoodAltered States (Ted Raimi), Return of the Living Dead (13BB’s Lars)
2000s AmericanSession 9 (13BB’s David)
2000s AsianCold Fish (Barbara Crampton)
2000s EuropeanEl Orfanato (13BB’s Lesley)



Most of all, we’d like to thank not only all of our wonderful guests but also some equally amazing people behind the scenes, without whom we couldn’t have pulled this off.  So please allow us to express our deepest appreciation to:

Mark Alan
Joe Bob Briggs
Patrick Cady
Barbara Crampton
Joe Dante
Josh Gemma
Gary Gerani
Stuart Gordon
Sid Haig
Lloyd Kaufman
Herschell Gordon Lewis
Susan L. Oberg
Steve Miner
Greg Motta
Michael J. Nelson
Ted Raimi
Thomas Roche
Sabrina Sieck

Be sure to set aside some of your booze money and patronize everyone above.  They all work extremely hard trying to entertain us.