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Something Wicked Returns to 12 Bottle Bar

It’s Halloween time again, which, of course, means Halloween-themed drinks.  This year, however, we’ve got something a little extra special in store:  13 Days of Scary Drinks and Even Scarier Movies.  That’s right, beginning tomorrow, we will be bringing you 13 deadlicious pairings of cryptastic cocktails and fiendishly frightening flicks.  But wait, it gets better…

Rather than just pick 13 late night movie treats that we thought you’d like, we’ve turned to the people who know horror movies the best — the directors, producers, and actors who have scared the collective pants off of all of us over the years as well as a few special friends who love crazed, carnal, cannibalistic cinema as much as we do.  So, get ready for a horror film festival like none other — where every movie is hand-picked by a spectral specialist and every ticket comes with a cocktail.

Just don’t say we didn’t warn you.