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12BB on Gojee — Let's Celebrate with Milk Punch!

Yesterday, — simply one of the coolest food sites on the web — launched “Gojee Drinks”, complementing their already fantastic food selection with some of the tastiest cocktails you’ll find.  We should know, because we here at 12BB contributed several dozen of them.

We love Gojee not only because of the way they are approaching recipes on the web — beautiful full-screen photos and the ability to search by and store favorite ingredients — but also because we are very honored to have been selected to join their partner ranks.  Unlike so many sites where anyone can submit recipes, all of Gojee is strictly curated.  We had to be invited to participate.  Deepening the honor even more is the quality of the company that we’re keeping at Gojee — including friends and classic cocktail gurus like Jacob Grier, Matt Robold from Rum Dood, Nancy Mitchell at The Backyard Bartender, Kenn Wilson of Cocktailia, A Dash of Bitters’ Michael Dietsch, Post Prohibition’s Josh Sullivan, and Mr. Paul Clarke.  In total, Gojee has partnered with more than 50 bloggers, bartenders, and masters of the stick to bring you some of the finest drinks from around the globe.

How better to congratulate Gojee on the launch of the new Drinks selection and to toast our company of compatriots than with a drink ripped from the pages (well, screens) of Gojee itself?  Here’s one from Reese Lloyd at Cocktail Hacker:


Milk Punch (view on Gojee)

1 oz Brandy
0.5 oz Dark Rum
0.5 oz Simple Syrup
2 dashes Vanilla Extract
4 oz Whole Milk

Add all ingredients to a mixing glass
Shake with ice and strain into a rocks glass filled with shaved or crushed ice
Garnish with a grating of fresh nutmeg

Recipe and photo from Cocktail Hacker


We’ve done a Brandy Milk Punch in the past, but we love Reese’s combination of brandy and rum here.  The two spirits are kissing cousins (with benefits), and a milk punch is the perfect way to kick off an autumnal brunch — or fill the middle of a brunch, and then, maybe, cap a brunch.  Cocktail Hacker likes his on a cold northern evening.  Whenever you enjoy your Milk Punch, we both agree that you probably won’t stop at just one.

And, while you’re enjoying your Milk Punch(es), be sure to spend some time on Gojee.  They promise “only the most drool-inducing, awe-inspiring and hyphen-warranting drink recipes”, and, with 200,000 members so far, they’re certainly doing something right (they picked us, didn’t they?).