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The First Sign of Lesley’s Book, "Gin: A Global History"

We just received the Spring/Summer 2012 new titles catalog from Reaktion Books, and along with it, the first sighting of Lesley’s forthcoming book, Gin: A Global History, which is part of Reaktion’s Edible series.   As a proud husband and writing partner, I felt compelled to brag a little.

Gin traces the history and evolution of the most important of cocktail liquors from its medicinal origins to the rise of each of the predominant styles – genever, Old Tom, London Dry, and the newer artisanal products – as well as the world’s love-hate relationship with the juniper-based spirit.    From ancient Arabia to the terror of the Black Death, from “Dutch Courage” to the Gin Craze epidemic, and from the magnificent gin palaces of London to the speakeasies of American Prohibition – the story of gin is an epic drama spanning centuries and continents.


The book, Lesley’s first, has been a long and involved process, and we’re very excited to finally see all of her hard work and late nights coming to fruition.  Along with the academic stuff, there are also some wonderful recipes from Dale DeGroff, Philip Duff, Ted Haigh, Gaz Regan, Charlotte Voisey, Hugh Williams, and David Wondrich.  Congratulations to my lovely and wonderful wife, and trust me when I say that you haven’t heard the last of Gin from us.