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We’ve Teamed Up With Villeroy & Boch


As you may have noticed, many of our recent drink posts include “Featured Glassware” from preeminent crystal and glassware manufacturer Villeroy & Boch.  We’ve been waiting for an appropriate break in the action to announce our newly minted friendship, and there seemed like no better day than today.

Dating back to the mid 18th century, VIlleroy & Boch is a mark of exquisite quality known around the world.  From the dishware placed before royalty and the Pope to the tiles used to line the Holland Tunnel and decorate the Titanic – Villeroy & Boch products have always been symbolic of the very best of pedigrees, functionality, and taste.  We first teamed up with the good folks at V&B back in July to promote the launch of their new American and Scotch Gourmet Whisky Glasses collections.  Now, thanks to a generous cache of handmade, mouth-blown crystal and glassware, provided by Villeroy & Boch we’ll be regularly featuring their stemware along with our drinks.

Since 12BB started to gain a bit of traction, we’ve been approached by a number of companies to feature and/or promote their products on the site.  For us, Villeroy & Boch was the first to make sense on so many levels that we just couldn’t say no.  First, there is nothing about crystal stemware that affects our core message and purpose.  In fact, just as a man looks more dashing in a bespoke suit or a lady in the perfect little black dress, a brilliant piece of glassware adds a significant sense of occasion to drinking a cocktail.  And while we do maintain a passion for vintage stemware, it does you little service, as a reader, should you happen to be smitten with the glasses you see on our pages.

We also love the amount of quality you get for the buck from Villeroy & Boch.   As mentioned above, the crystal and glassware from Villeroy is handmade in Europe and of the kind of heirloom quality that you’ll pass your collection along to your children (assuming he doesn’t break them all first – I’m talking to you, son).  While running roughly $20 or less per stem, they cost a good deal more than Crate and Barrel cheapies, but they’re far more economical and practical than pieces running $100 and up.  We have a great variety of glassware around the house – from the aforementioned cheap stuff to Riedel crystal so fragile that it shatters if you look at it wrong – and the Villeroy & Boch stock we received has quickly earned a place at the top of our favorite pieces because of its durability, beauty, and heft.  It simply makes cocktails taste better.

Villeroy & Boch stemware also makes drinks look better – something I’d like to pass along to other bloggers out there.  Cocktails can be notoriously difficult to photograph, and I’ve had to learn the hard way that cut glass or crystal presents a much greater opportunity to get a proper focus than an unadorned bowl containing a bland, un-garnished drink.

With each piece of Villeroy & Boch stemware that we feature, we’ll be including a link to V&B’s online shop.  Prices there are often less than department store sales, and you’re even likely to find free shipping.  All-in-all, we’re big fans of Villeroy & Boch, and we highly recommend that you try their glasses yourself or give them as a well-considered gift to a cocktail-loving friend.