Archive | December 9, 2011

12 Bottle Bar Holiday Gift Guide

One of the greatest challenges I have during the holidays is waiting for the recipients of my gifts to open the things I’ve bought for them. I try to put a good deal of thought into the gifts I give, and there’s no greater reward for a job well done than seeing the joyful expression on someone’s face. On the flipside, I’ve occasionally encountered a “Do you have the receipt?” (my nephew knows well who I’m talking about, so I won’t name him here), but when it all works out right, nothing quite captures the magic of the season like knowing that you’ve made someone else very happy.

For our gift guide this year, we asked ourselves one simple question: What would we want? With that in mind, we went shopping, and below are the 12 items that made our list. If you’re a 12BB fan, one or more of these may make your list too. If you’re shopping for a cocktail-leaning friend, look no further for the perfect gift. There’s something for every price point and something for the booze enthusiast as well as for the master mixologist.

Happy Giving!

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