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Here Come the Holidays!

If you haven’t guessed, we love the holidays, and this year we’re particularly excited about our two big holiday events:

The 12BB Holiday Gift Guide

Tomorrow, we’ll be presenting you with the 12 Most Indispensable Gift Ideas for the season.  No matter what your budget, we promise that we’ll have the perfect gift for both the cocktail newbie and bon vivant alike.

Each item has been personally selected by us and, we think, really captures the 12BB spirit — at least, we’d be over the moon to give or receive anything on the list.

‘Tis the Season… for Drinking

Last year, we presented 12 holiday favorites from around the world.  This year, we’ll be doing thing a bit differently, and we think what we have in store is pretty groovy.

Beginning next Monday, we’ll be presenting our 12 Drinks of Christmas and Hanukkah (we thought we’d expand a bit this time out),  with each drink provided by a special friend of ours.  Rather than have us choose what you should be drinking, we’ve asked some dear friends to tell us the drinks which most capture the holidays for them.

And, here’s the fun part:  We’ve lifted the 12BB restrictions, so the sky is the limit.  Since the holidays are about giving, we wanted our guests to be unbridled in their drink selections, and we think that, if you’ve followed the 12BB program so far, this is a great time to let your hair down and try something new.

Happy holidays to you all!  Let the merriment begin…