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2012 is… The Year of The Doctor

At the beginning of 2011, we picked a theme – The Year of the Sportsman – which we would highlight throughout the year.  Our themes are an informal thing, of course, and we use them only as a guide – something to feature here and there as the mood strikes and appropriate situations arise – and while we hardly scratched the surface on our sporting posts, we did cover American football, horse racing, gambling, baseball, motorsports, lawn tennis, and cricket.

After discussing where we wanted to go with the site in 2012, the most appropriate declaration was that this would be The Year of The Doctor.  Doctor Who?  Exactly.  We’ll be taking a cue from that time-warping Gallifreyian – but not just him alone.  We’ll also be exploring some of the alchemic aspects of the liquid arts.  Here are some of the things you can expect in the months to come:

Liqueurs, Bitters, and More:  Donning our apothecary caps and dusting off our mortars and pestles, we plan to spend a good deal of 2012 making home-made liqueurs, bitters, and mixers.  Since we have a penchant for old timey-whimey recipes (or receipts, if you’re so inclined), you’ll be seeing amari, orgeat, falernum, and other liqueurs and mixers as well as things like cola bitters from Justin Darnes at the Savoy Hotel.

Travels Through Space and Time:  Of all the happenings in the culinary world, we’re most excited by the concept of Next Restaurant in Chicago.  Cribbing from their “place-in-time” playbook (Escoffier at the Ritz Hotel – Paris, 1906), we’ll regularly be visiting a spot in history and featuring the drinks of the period.  Where might we go?  Dickens’ London, Gold Rush San Francisco, Beowulf’s mead hall, The Globe Theater in 1590, Kipling in India – honestly, we don’t yet know all of the destinations, and that’s the exciting part.  To make our non-linear journey through time and space even more complete, we’ll be partnering up with our dear friend Deana Sidney at LostPastRemembered for many of the posts.  Deana will provide the food, and we’ll handle the bar.

Bottle Reboot:  We’ll be finishing up revamping all of our bottles during the first half of the year.

Site Improvements:  Our Drinks and Syrups pages have been in need of some TLC for a while now, and we’ll be attending to those in the short order.  You’ll also see the return of “12 Rounds”, book reviews, and the store.  With the migration to the new site and the holidays, we’ve been a little slow in getting things up and running, but that will change very soon.


So, let’s get started on what promises to be the most-exciting year ever for 12BB.  Geronimo!