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Vote 12BB for Saveur's Best Cocktail Blog

To say that being nominated for Saveur Magazine’s 2012 Best Cocktail Blog came as a shock would be selling short the absolutely flummoxed look on my face as I returned to the office from lunch last Thursday and checked my email. I didn’t know the nominations had even kicked off – let alone the finalists chosen. There it was, however, a message from the magazine’s senior editor congratulating us. Well, dog my cats.

It goes without saying that we’re honored beyond belief not only to have been chosen from among 40,000 nominees but also to be keeping company with such heavy hitters as Camper English and Jeffrey Morgenthaler as well as This Girl Walks into a Bar, There Will Be Bourbon, and The Five O’Clock Cocktail Blog. If you’re a cocktail fan, you’ll do yourself a favor to check them out, one and all.

The above heavy hitter sentiment was galvanized for me yesterday when a Facebook comment compared Camper and Morgenthaler to the Ali and Liston of the category – a point I’ll well concede. But where does that leave us? Without the industry backgrounds, contacts, and myriad followers, I guess, well, we’re something more like the Karate Kid – or at least, we hope to be. Scrawny Ralph Macchio stuck in the ring between two World Heavyweight Champions. And we’ll be sunk without our Mr. Miyagi.

As luck would have it, you, dear reader, are our Miyagi. Without the built-in following of the big guys, we need a bit of a grass roots effort not just to vote for us but to spread the good word to vote for us. Tell two people and ask them to tell two people, and – you get the idea. What’s in it for you? A better 12 Bottle Bar. The recognition we receive is the only currency we have when we cold call someone like Daniel Handler or Lloyd Kaufman and ask them to play along with our shenanigans. A little badge of honor helps more than we can say.

So, here’s what we’re shamelessly asking you to do:

1. Register at
2. Log into the site.
3. Vote for 12 Bottle Bar in the Best Cocktail Blog category. (Make sure you click on the BIG RED VOTE BUTTON. If you don’t see it, you’re not logged in).
4. Spread the word to vote via Facebook, Twitter, on your site, in elevators, or just shout it out in crowded movie theaters.
5. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Or, have a cookie. You deserve it. Really, you do.

Voting ends April 26th, so get cracking. We can’t hold this crane position for very long.