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And the Winner is…

Whenever we do a giveaway, part of me wants the prize to go to a reader who I’ve gotten to know over the years, and another part of me is concerned that if someone like Daniel over at FUSSYlittleBLOG wins, things will seem rigged.   The logical solution is just to draw a name randomly as expected and if it appears as if favoritism was shown, oh well — we did the best we could.  Part of that “best” is, of course, recusing ourselves from the selection process altogether and turning things over to the toddler.  The lad surprised us this time out by forsaking the usual fire helmet as the drawing vessel of choice in favor of a straw cowboy chapeau — or his “varmint hat” as he prefers it to be known.

As luck would have it, empirical selection method employed and all, the answer to our question “Which of the following is not a name once or currently associated with gin?” was “Old Gregg” and the winner just happens to be called Greg — or Old Gregg Greg, as he shall henceforth be known on the site.  So, a big congratulations to Greg Mays of New Mexico, and an even bigger thank you to him — and all of you — for reading and contributing your guesses.

Now, a few of you even knew a bit about Old Gregg, a Rick James-inspired hermaphroditic fish who is Keeper of The Funk and exclusively drinks Baileys.    If you’re unfamiliar, here’s your chance to catch up:


Stay tuned for more chances to win a copy of “Gin: A Global History”.