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Halloween 2012


As you may have noticed, things have been a bit… dead around here lately.   Perhaps you were scared that we had passed on.  Rest assured, we are very much alive and kicking, and despite our recent vanishing act, we have returned to resurrect 13BB just in time for our favorite holiday.

Puns aside, we have been pulled away for far too long.  Side projects — Lesley’s follow up to her Gin book and some other very exciting things — are taking up more of our time then before.  They’re all good things — the fruits of the labor put into this site over the past three years, if you will — but they have mandated that we fall back on “reruns” this year ’round.   Try as we might — and we had very cool ideas for this year’s Halloween program — we are going to re-post some of the top drinks from the past two Halloweens.  Sure, it’s a cheap trick — rehashing lukewarm leftovers — but it worked for The Hangover Part II.  Right? (Oh, the horror).

So, if you’ve been here before around this time, you’ll be getting things you’ve seen before, but we promise that the drinks are just as tasty as ever.  If you’re new, have a seat, and we’ll show you what you missed.