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Blue Harvest

a 12BB original

4 oz Blue Moon Wheat Ale (or similar)
2 oz Sweet Vermouth
1 oz Harvest Spice Syrup

Combine all three ingredients, stir
Serve over crushed ice
Garnish with a bit of freshly grated nutmeg (optional)
Scale as required


For Harvest Spice Syrup:

2 cups Brown Sugar
1 cup Water
0.25 tsp Cinnamon
0.25 tsp Ground Ginger
0.25 tsp Ground Cloves

Over low heat, dissolve sugar and spices in water
Allow to cool


Featured Glassware:  Boston Highball by Villeroy & Boch

* * *

We have to admit it, we’re not really Thanksgiving people. Of all the major holidays throughout the year, turkey day is low on our hit parade. The reasons are simple enough. We’ve never been able to rationalize the two days of prep to 20 minutes of dining to 4 hours of dishes ratio – unless you have a family of ten visiting and helping tend to the chores, which we don’t. On top of this, Thanksgiving comes with the promise of a guaranteed four-day weekend – not to mention the cheapest PTO expenditure to claim a whole week’s vacation – and we’re inclined to spent the time cashing in on off-season rates in pilgrim-free regions of the northern hemisphere. Read More…

The Bermuda Triangle


2 oz Gold Rum
2 oz Unsweetened Cranberry Juice
1 oz Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice
1 dash Angostura Bitters

Add all ingredients to a mixing glass and stir together without ice.
Pour into a rocks glass filled with crushed ice and stir gently.
Garnish with an orange wheel.

Featured Glassware: Boston Double Old-Fashioned by Villeroy & Boch


* * *


Yes, I realize that it’s Thanksgiving today, and yes, I also know that of any cocktail we could present today, one called the Bermuda Triangle may not be, well, the most logical drink.  But it is – in part because Thanksgiving means cranberries and, in another part, because at our house cranberries on Thanksgiving also mean Lesley’s homemade orange-accented cranberry sauce, one of my favorite additions to our holiday table.  Actually, there are two sauces on our Thanksgiving table – the homemade one and those Industrial Age jellied wheels of burgundy I don’t-know-what.  It’s a generational thing – the grandparents remaining suspicious of any food which doesn’t properly reflect mankind’s triumph over nature.

Of course, what I’m most thankful for today – and, for that matter, on each and every day – are my wonderful wife and child.  Sure, it’s an obvious choice, but if you know them, you won’t blame me for not trying to be clever here.  Some things just are, and Lesley and the boy keep my rudder steady and the wind in my sails.  I suppose that’s why we’re keen on having families –they keep us on the straight and narrow and provide us with second chances when we might not deserve them.  Even when we’ve tried to incite a mutiny and overthrow the local government. Read More…