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Product Review: ReJigger



Would you launch an ICBM horizontally?
Sure. Why would you want to?

– The Hunt for Red October


The Hawthorne style strainer has remained virtually unchanged since its invention nearly 125 years ago.  Today, a cheap model — one which functions admirably well — will set you back little more than $4.  Add to that a standard jigger set for $8.50 and a Boston shaker tin for another $5.50, and for $18 you have all of the tools the ReJigger is trying to replace.  It costs $15, which, in short means that it solves $3.00 worth of problems.   But, when I look at the tools the ReJigger is trying to replace — of which , the Hawthorne is certainly the youngest — I don’t see a problem.  I see extremely inexpensive, functional and durable devices which have stood the test of time.

So, what exactly  is the ReJigger?  As you may be able to tell from the photo above, it’s a sort of super jigger which can contain three separate ingredients in conveniently sized and proportioned compartments — large, medium , and small.  The idea is that you add three cocktail ingredients in various amounts to the ReJigger, then dump them into a mixing glass with ice and shake.  Don’t have a cocktail shaker tin?  No worries, ReJigger caps the mixing glass, taking care of all your shaking needs.  But what about straining?  Glad you asked!  Just slightly crack the seal between the ReJigger and the mixing glass, and ReJigger replaces your pesky strainer.  If all of this sounds like a bit of carnival barking, there’s a reason for it.  ReJiggers belong on a shelf alongside the Slap Chop, square egg maker, and banana slicer — all of which perform some basic function (well, maybe not the square egg thing) half as well as a proper tool, which most likely costs only a little more and may indeed cost a lot less.

I suppose I should tell you how the ReJigger performs (poorly, if you must know), but I’m so opposed to the product on a philosophical basis that I refuse to make the effort.  If you have any interest at all in making proper drinks, buy a set of proper tools.  Even the cheap ones are better than something spawned from late night infomercials.  Sorry, ReJigger, we appreciate that you’re a child of Kickstarter, but that’s just not enough to invite you into our bar.