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We readily admit that the Cosmo is, in many ways, a cocktail from another age (even if it’s only ten years ago). But we also have learned that sometimes people just want what they want. Just like there are folks who will only drink a Martini or an Old Fashioned, there are others who simply can’t let go of their beloved vodka-cranberry, etc. The Cosmo falls into the sour category, but the addition of orange liqueur amps up the complexity a bit. When made correctly, the Cosmo is a lovely little sweet-tart tipple and it has proven its worth in the cocktail hall of fame. Since one of our tenets is, “drink what you like”, we would be remiss if we didn’t include a Cosmo recipe. Ours have some serious provenance, coming from King Cocktail himself, Dale DeGroff, who can in many ways be credited with jump starting the modern cocktail renaissance.

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