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Welcome to 12BB v3.0


It’s a whole new day for the old 12 Bottle Bar.  Today, we’re unveiling what is essentially the third major version of the site since we launched in 2009.  With each version, we try to make things a little more useful and better looking.  Hope you like what you find.

It also happens to be exactly 2 weeks until our book, The 12 Bottle Bar, is released.  We’ve been working on this baby for 3 1/2 years, and we not only hope that you’ll pick up a copy, we also hope that you truly enjoy it.

So, what’s changed?


New Bottles – We’ll be posting in depth on this but, to cut to the chase, Irish Whiskey and Absinthe are out; White Rum and Vodka are in.  Again, we’ll be sharing our reasons.

Old Bottles – We’ve updated some of our recommendations.

Site Redesign -A brand new look.  Not only do we find it prettier, it will offer easier access to more content.

New and Returning Content – Over the past couple of years, we dropped some of our favorite features like “12 Rounds“.  Well, they’re back and they’ve brought friends.  You’ll be seeing more reviews and community-focused articles.

Drinks – We made a bad decision long ago to have to manually update the Drinks page with each new post.  It was a nightmare to maintain so we never updated it.  The new drinks page is automatically generated, so it’s better for everyone.  You can also filter recipes by drink ingredients.   To facilitate this, all recipes are now a separate recipe object.  You can view them independently of the posts they’re in, rate them (please do), and (soon) print them out in a printer-friendly format.

Shop – Check out our new Shop.  We’ve picked our favorite items just for you and — better yet — the whole thing is powered by Amazon.

Events – We’re hitting the road, and we’re letting you know where to find us.


Again, we hope you like the new digs.  There’s still some work to be done migrating old posts and drinks to the new format, but everything will be up soon.


Thanks for sticking with us; we’re just getting started.