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50-50 Spritz


Last month, FOX News Magazine asked us to contribute an original spritz recipe.  If you’re unfamiliar with spritzes (or spritzers, should you prefer), the general profile is a light, low-alcohol hot weather alternative to something like beer.  Currently, the Aperol Spritz rules the category.  Our take came about as...

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We readily admit that the Cosmo is, in many ways, a cocktail from another age (even if it’s only ten years ago). But we also have learned that sometimes people just want what they want. Just like there are folks who will only drink a Martini or an Old...

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Given that we have dubbed 2012 as The Year of the Doctor, it seems only fitting that we begin with a short preamble paying tribute to a scientist whose work has helped shape our concepts of Ye Olde Space-Time Continuum.

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By Lesley Jacobs Solmonson   If you are a horror/sci-fi/B-movie geek of any magnitude, you know the name Michael J. Nelson.  As the former head writer-turned-host of the much-beloved cult hit Mystery Science Theater 3000, Nelson is an essential player in the fan boy pantheon. And MST3K, as the...

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