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White Rum



While Hemingway’s version added maraschino and cut back on the sugar due to his diabetes, Papa wasn’t wrong about the glory of the daiquiri. Rum, lime and a teaspoon of sugar are shaken until icy and poured lovingly into a simple coupe glass. Powerful and bracing, but with enough...

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We readily admit that the Cosmo is, in many ways, a cocktail from another age (even if it’s only ten years ago). But we also have learned that sometimes people just want what they want. Just like there are folks who will only drink a Martini or an Old...

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Chi Chi


This is what you might call an entry-level “tiki” drink. Coconut, pineapple and booze that’s tasteless, but in the best of all possible ways. The Chi Chi, which subs vodka for the rum in a Pina Colada, has been around for a long while (the P.C. originated in Puerto...

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Cape Cod


Okay, we admit it. This is essentially a vodka cranberry, but with the addition of lime juice and club soda, it’s rather more like a highball spritz. It’s also a great base for countless variations of cranberry juice plus another juice – adding grapefruit juice makes it a Sea...

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