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James Joyce Cocktail

1.5 oz Redbreast Whiskey
0.75 oz Sweet Vermouth
0.75 oz Orange Liqueur
0.50 oz Lime Juice

Add all ingredients to a mixing glass
Shake with ice and strain in to a coupe

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Product Review: ReJigger


Would you launch an ICBM horizontally?
Sure. Why would you want to?

- The Hunt for Red October


The Hawthorne style strainer has remained virtually unchanged since its invention nearly 125 years ago.  Today, a cheap model — one which functions admirably well — will set you back little more than $4.  Add to that a standard jigger set for $8.50 and a Boston shaker tin for another $5.50, and for $18 you have all of the tools the ReJigger is trying to replace.  It costs $15, which, in short means that it solves $3.00 worth of problems.   But, when I look at the tools the ReJigger is trying to replace — of which , the Hawthorne is certainly the youngest — I don’t see a problem.  I see extremely inexpensive, functional and durable devices which have stood the test of time. Read More…

Product Review: Arctic Chill Ice Ball Maker

products_articchillLong before there was a 12 Bottle Bar, Mrs. 12BB and I liked to do a bit of antiquing.  High at the top of my wanted list was anything Bakelite, specifically gambling pieces and cameras.  Without digressing into a tangent on the myriad virtues of phenolic resin, I’ll cut to the chase and simply say that it’s all about the seams.  Or, in the case of Bakelite, the lack thereof.   Most plastics are make in molds, and molds leave seams or “flash” — something anyone who has owned army men or made models will well know.  Bakelite pieces, on the other hand, whether molded or carved seldom have seams or, at least, obvious ones.   I suppose it goes without saying that my mind was on seams and flash when I uncrated the Arctic Chill Silicone Ball Makers. Read More…

Tinseltown Toasts: The Montmartre

drinks_montmartreThe Montmartre was Hollywood’s first big night club — somewhere where, even during Prohibition, a drink and a bit of gambling were a sure thing.  It quickly became the most publicized club in the country.  Valentino, Tom Mix — even Winston Churchill — were seen at the Montmartre.  Even so, we’re not fans of the original Montmartre cocktail featured in “Hollywood Cocktails”.  Instead, we’ve turned the drink into a way-too-easy-to-drink milk punch that’s pink and sweet but never let’s you forget that you’re drinking booze.

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Tinseltown Toasts: The Embassy

drinks_embassyOpened in 1930 adjacent to the Montmartre, the Embassy Club maintained a private membership list of 300, including Charlie Chaplin and Gloria Swanson.  By excluding the gawking public, the Embassy Club failed, pulling down the once-popular Montmartre (same owners) with it.

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