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Two men enter; one man leaves — no wait, that’s Thunderdome.  How about this:  everyone should enter, and one lucky person’s gonna get a boat load (*boat not included) of swag courtesy of Workman, Villeroy & Boch, and Liquor.com. That’s right, a bunch of really cool folks want to...

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Orange Liqueur

50-50 Spritz


Last month, FOX News Magazine asked us to contribute an original spritz recipe.  If you’re unfamiliar with spritzes (or spritzers, should you prefer), the general profile is a light, low-alcohol hot weather alternative to something like beer.  Currently, the Aperol Spritz rules the category.  Our take came about as...

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It’s a whole new day for the old 12 Bottle Bar.  Today, we’re unveiling what is essentially the third major version of the site since we launched in 2009.  With each version, we try to make things a little more useful and better looking.  Hope you like what you...

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White Rum

Rum Rickey


The White Rum Rickey sprang from our online friendship with FUSSYlittleBLOG.com founder Daniel Berman. When we first met Fussy, we were inspired to create a drink for him, an overwrought watermelon rum shrub thingie that was far more complex than the concept called for, Years later, when we asked...

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Do we love this drink? Yes, oh yes. In a tall glass, the greens and yellows reflecting in the light, this is a drink that cries out for a chaise lounge and a veranda.

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As you will quickly discover, the Watermelon Cooler is a symphony of just a few ingredients with a minimal amount of alteration done to them.

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We don’t know the origins of the Huntsman cocktail, but we do like the simple combination of vodka, rum, lime juice, and sugar. For all intents, this is a variation on a daiquiri, albeit a bit headier due to the darker rum. The traditional Huntsman calls for Jamaican-style rum...

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White Rum

Not So Blue Hawaii


You may have guessed that we dislike anything that smacks of fakery. Ersatz maraschino cherries, whipped cream vodka (who created that?!), and of course, blue curacao, an orange liqueur colored, yes, blue. Now, ironically, the only thing different about blue curacao versus regular curacao is the color; it tastes...

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