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Pineapple Julep

By Lesley Jacobs Solmonson

0.5 oz Bols Genever
0.5 oz Orange Liqueur
0.5 oz Fresh Orange Juice, strained
0.5 oz Raspberry Syrup (or Grenadine)
1 tsp Pineapple Juice, strained
Something sweet and sparkling

Add all ingredients, save the sparkling, to a mixing glass and stir to combine
Fill a rocks glass with crushed ice, then pour the mixed drink over the ice
Top with a sweet sparkling wine
Garnish with pineapple, berries, and (if desired) mint

* * *

“Really?  Cinco de Mayo, Kentucky Derby, and Mother’s Day – in four days.  Come on, Calendar Dudes…”  David made this offhand Facebook comment the other day when considering the “pressure” we were under to come up with cocktails for the ensuing holidays.  Our friend Sue responded quite succinctly – “That’s a lot of hats to buy.”  It was a comment which, in turn, made us think – that’s a great subject for today’s post.  After all, Cinco de Mayo demands a sombrero.  Women hire milliners to design one-of-a-kind toppers for their Derby debut, and men have sported Panama hats at Churchill Downs since the beginning.  As for Mother’s Day, well, it may be a bit of a stretch but, like Easter, it’s usually a brunch affair and that means, you guessed it – a hat.

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From the 12BB Library: “The Hour” by Bernard DeVoto

By Lesley Jacobs Solmonson

Bernard DeVoto once described himself as “a literary department store.”  He was indeed a cornucopia of talents, equal parts historian and author, commentator and conservationist.  During his life, he was the recognized authority on all things Mark Twain, acting as curator and editor of the author’s papers.  His history of the west, “Across the Wide Mississippi”, won the Pulitzer Prize in 1947.  From 1935 until his death twenty years later, he wrote “The Easy Chair”, a column for Harper’s Magazine. Yet, these credits merely skim the surface; in his day, DeVoto spoke and people listened. Read More…

Two Champagne Punches – or, Jerry Thomas and the Pope


I recently saw a retweet from David Wondrich, in which the original author was calling for a moratorium on punch.  More than anything, it disappointed me.  After such a long absence, punch is coming back like Robert Downey Jr. – we’re realizing that all the bad press caused us to forget just what we’d been missing.  With David Wondrich’s “Punch” – the first authoritative history on the subject ever written – having come out this past November, I think it’s safe to say that a lot of bartenders and blogs are going to be serving up punch for, at least, the near future, and, I hope, much longer.   Sure, everyone’s excited right now; it’s the honeymoon period.  But, punch, like all worthy drinks, will settle into its rightful place alongside drinking’s other titans, and should you need it, it’ll be there for you.  Like on New Year’s Eve.

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12BB Holiday Buying Guide

As we’re in the midst of our 12 Drinks of Christmas, we decided not to do an extensive “What to Buy” guide this year, especially as some of our friends have already done very good jobs of assembling such lists.  Instead, we’re going to make a couple of recommendations and turn the rest over to a few of the kind and learned people who comprise our blogroll.

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Buck and Breck

1.5 oz Remy Martin VSOP
2 dashes Angostura Bitters
1 dash Kübler Absinthe

Fill a champagne flute with strained lemon juice or water and swirl to coat inside of glass.  Discard liquid.
Fill flute with superfine sugar, coating inside to make glass appear frosted.  Discard excess sugar.
Fill glass with Cognac, Bitters, and Absinthe.
Top with cold Champagne.
(Optional) Give drink a quick stir.

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