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Mixology Monday Roundup

August’s Mixology Monday has come and gone, and it’s time to take a look at all of the entries. Our theme for the event was “Come to Your Senses” and the goal was to create a drink that inspired a sense beyond just taste alone. Which sense – or how many of them – was up to each individual participant. The reasoning behind the theme was to gain some insight into what people find exciting about cocktails and to collect ideas on how any drink might be taken to another level.

As a former screenwriter, one of my favorite sentiments concerning that profession is that “the hardest part is coming up with synonyms for run.” In mixography, there are only so many times you can talk about how delicious a drink is, so I at least – but I hope I’m speaking for all those who participated – was more than pleased to break out some fresh adjectives. Without further ado, here’s the roundup (in order of submission):

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Mixology Monday LX: The GT-5

a 12 Bottle Bar original

3 oz Gin-Key Lime Sorbet
2-3 dozen Micro Melon Balls
2 oz Leopold’s Gin
4 oz Tonic
1 large stalk Mint
Boba Straw

Make the sorbet per the Hot-Frozen Gin Fizz recipe, substituting key lime juice for the lemon
Scoop out the melon balls, making them small enough to fit through the boba straw
When the sorbet is ready, add approximately 3 ounces of it to the bottom of a large glass
Return the glass to the freezer, allowing the sorbet to set and the glass to thoroughly chill
Just before serving, add the melon balls to the glass
When serving, pre-mix the gin and tonic, then add to the glass
Add the mint and boba straw

* * *

If there’s one thing I can tell you, having run through a number of drinks for today’s Mixology Monday post, it’s that if you’re dead set on serving your drink in a scientific beaker or flask, don’t make the drink yellow. It’s a small point but one which I quickly realized as I poured a pineapple syrup-based cocktail into my vessel of choice. As this month’s theme is “Come to Your Senses” – chosen by us, given that Paul Clarke was kind enough to allow us to host the August mixer – and the goal is to create a drink which inspires a sense beyond just taste, a beaker full of frothy golden liquid arouses reactions best left unspoken.

Fortunately for everyone involved, we ditched the pineapple and went in a different direction. As the ones who set the theme, we of course figured that we should challenge ourselves to incorporate as many of the five senses – sight, smell, touch, taste, hearing – as possible into our entry. This meant breaking out the molecular mixology playbook and working our way through gels, foams, mists, solids, cotton candy, deconstruction, reconstruction, and many other big words. After several false starts and abandoned recipes (the pineapple concoction), we decided to think outside the science kit.
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12BB to Host Mixology Monday (August 15th)

The event roundup cane be found here.  Thanks to everyone who participated.

Since we’ve finally gotten our act together and have been participating in Mixology Monday these past few months, we felt it only proper that we actually invite everyone over to our place for a round.  That said, come one, come all to next month’s Mixology Monday, hosted here at 12BB, on August 15th.  As is the case for each event, the hosting site gets to choose the theme, and we’ve picked the ever-so-vague-yet-commanding “Come to Your Senses!” Read More…

Mixology Monday LIX: Brown Betty

by Lesley Jacobs Solmonson

0.25 cup firmly packed Brown Sugar
4 oz Water
Quarter Lemon, sliced
1 Pinch (1/16 tsp) each Ground Cloves, Ground Cinnamon, and Ground Ginger
2 oz Remy Martin Cognac
4 oz Real Ale (ESB recommended)

Dissolve the brown sugar in the water
Add sliced lemon to mixture.  Let stand 15 minutes
Add brandy, ale, and spices, stirring to combine
Chill well
Garnish with a lemon slice and a sprinkle of freshly grated nutmeg
Ice can be added if you don’t oppose ice in beer

Multiply by 4 for a full recipe.

* * *

Oxford University is known for many things, among them its tremendous education, exquisite architecture, lovely location, and esteemed graduates.  In terms of cocktail history, Oxford is synonymous with a little book known as “Oxford Night Caps – A Collection of Receipts for the Making of Various Beverages Used in the University” from the early 1800s.  For today’s beer-themed Mixology Monday, we’ve adapted the traditional “Night Caps” recipe for Brown Betty and scaled it down from punch bowl to single serving size.  We think it’s an ideal summer drink, not only because it tastes damn fine but also because it’s a one-two “punch” that’ll impress both the beer-lover and the cocktail snob alike.

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Mixology Monday LVIII: Holland Old Fashioned, Muddled

2 oz Bols Genever
1 tsp Sugar (Demerara preferred)
3 Dashes Orange Bitters
2 Fresh Ripe Sweet Cherries, pitted
2 Quarter Sections Fresh Ripe Tangerines, with peel
Splash of Club Soda
Rinse of Kübler Absinthe (optional)

In a thick bottomed glass, muddle together sugar, bitters, and fruit
Strain into a chilled rocks glass
Add genever and top with splash of soda
Give a short, gentle stir to combine
Garnish with a cherry and tangerine “flag”
Optional – Rinse the second glass with absinthe
Optional – add cube(s) of ice

* * *

If you ask me – no one did, but I’m going to tell you anyway – this is the perfect modern cocktail.  Not only does it adhere to a traditional recipe, it’s full of market-fresh fruit prepared directly in the glass, and the base spirit is old and funky.  It’s this last point – the use of Genever here – that marks this as my submission for this month’s Mixology Monday, which is focused on niche spirits.  If you’re Dutch or Belgian, surely genever is as common place as Jack Daniels at a Tennessee barbeque, but it’s probably the most odd of all our ducks – and it’s perfect for this month’s MxMo theme.

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