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I am stuffed; stuffed like a turkey. If you ask me, we have Thanksgiving all wrong. Sure, we remember to be grateful for the people and things we have — that takes little effort. It’s the meal that’s always puzzled me.   If your family boasts 10 or more, a...

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With a name like 12 Bottle Bar, you’d think people would understand what it is we do around here. The concept’s not that difficult to grasp — 12 bottles and some mixers. Indeed, you would think. Still, on a daily basis, we get pitched all manner of vile concoctions...

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A few months back, the kind folks at Canada’s Vintage Kitchen Appliance sent us a sample of “The Press”, their homage to the classic discontinued Wear-Ever juice press. Today, however, we’re going to talk about the Land Rover North American Specification (NAS) Defender 110 instead, because we have a...

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TABASCO doesn’t tip-toe around being spicy. On the contrary, they take pride in the fact that they produce a pepper sauce for people who like things quite a bit hotter than normal. Sure, there’s a “Sweet & Spicy” variety as well as the “Milder” Green Jalapeño sauce, but even...

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Around the 12BB household, we try to adhere to the belief that experiences are inherently worth more than possessions, and that the ultimate measure of “winning” is not collecting the most toys but rather having played with the most toys. From that perspective, launching this site has proven to...

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It may be only a small gesture, but I’m going to make this margarita today in memory of all those who were lost, all those who came to the rescue, and all those who had their lives forever changed on a day that, though a decade past, still remains...

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Back in May, TABASCO released its own version of Sriracha hot sauce. Being a lover of both TABASCO and Huy Fong products, I was curious as to what the public reaction would be. Devout loyalists line either side of the field, and it’s reasonably possible to stack the coverage...

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Orange Liqueur

50-50 Spritz


Last month, FOX News Magazine asked us to contribute an original spritz recipe.  If you’re unfamiliar with spritzes (or spritzers, should you prefer), the general profile is a light, low-alcohol hot weather alternative to something like beer.  Currently, the Aperol Spritz rules the category.  Our take came about as...

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