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We readily admit that the Cosmo is, in many ways, a cocktail from another age (even if it’s only ten years ago). But we also have learned that sometimes people just want what they want. Just like there are folks who will only drink a Martini or an Old...

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White Rum

Not So Blue Hawaii


You may have guessed that we dislike anything that smacks of fakery. Ersatz maraschino cherries, whipped cream vodka (who created that?!), and of course, blue curacao, an orange liqueur colored, yes, blue. Now, ironically, the only thing different about blue curacao versus regular curacao is the color; it tastes...

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As our luck would have it, there is nothing either tragic or brutal about the spectral White Lady cocktail. In an era when so many drinks cobble together every liquor in the closet – a choice both mixologically tragic and brutal on the palate – this is one...

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Given that we have dubbed 2012 as The Year of the Doctor, it seems only fitting that we begin with a short preamble paying tribute to a scientist whose work has helped shape our concepts of Ye Olde Space-Time Continuum.

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